Lou Lou's Vintage Fair

I went to a vintage fair in George Street today.  I kind of wish I'd bought the electric blue leather skirt I tried on now :( 

Anyway, I love the light in the middle of the ceiling which you can see in these glasses :)


What or Who You Know....?

Sometimes or rather a lot of the time it comes down to who you know rather than what you know.  Although once you've practiced the who you know you get better at what you know and get where you want to be...  I'm babbling here.

Basically this is a shot of Tom Odell while he played the main stage at The Wickerman Festival.  I got given a press pass, free entry etc...  On my way to the Festival I had a think about how all this happened.  Now I don't want to go too far back but...

If I hadn't of been working in The Crown and got chatting with Kirstie from Chunk Fudge I wouldn't have gotten into the Edinburgh tattoo convention in exchange for photos and if I hadn't of gone there I wouldn't of made friends with Bob from the Black Bull and if I hadn't of made friends with Bob, I wouldn't have seen one of his friends was giving away a ticket to Faith No More last month and if I hadn't of seen that, I wouldn't have gone to Faith No More and if I hadn't of gone, I wouldn't have met Hugh and looked after his camera while he bought beer and if I hadn't of met him, I wouldn't have been given a press pass for The Wickerman.  So, thank you Hugh for the pass and thank you Kirstie for enjoying Gin.


Family Photo Shoot

So I had a family photo shoot yesterday with one of my friends.  We've known each other since we were six years old, so that's 20 years right.... *cough cough*


Street Photography

These two were just sat outside the club enjoying a break from throwing shapes on the dance floor and I shove a camera in their beautiful faces.  

I admire people that have the guts to do street photography, asking strangers for a photo, not knowing what their reaction might be.  Even tho I don't know the people in this photo, they've seen me in the club so it was easy to ask them.  Have you ever seen the film 'Finding Vivian Maier'?  Her photos are amazing, made more so by the fact that no one knew she'd taken them until she had died and her things got auctioned off.  I think it's the best documentary I've ever seen, inspirational.


El Colacho (Baby Jumping) Madrid, June 2015

It's been a busy couple of weeks really!  Madrid and Burgos were amazing!!  The baby jumping was as mental as it sounds.  The first few hours were spent watching a man dressed as the devil chasing and whipping children in the street then they jumped over babies on mattresses...  yup, you read it right.  Fantastic experience.  You have to love Spain, I know I do.


Forbidden Fruit - Dublin May 2015

I spent the whole of the last weekend in May dancing in a field in Dublin and it was brilliant!!  This photo is the end of the first night.  It was a top weekend which will definitely be eaten, raved and repeated...


Mr & Mrs Dominy 21st May 2015

I drove down to London on Wednesday to photograph Shawn and Rowena tying the knot.  They couldn't of picked a better day or more beautiful venue, I feel really privileged to of been a part of their day and wish them all the very best for their future together.  Much love x


Sarah Does Makeup

I took some photos of Sarah's creation the other night.  It was amazing watching her work on the prosthetic face, gave me some gruesome ideas... 

You can get in touch with Sarah on her facebook page if you need a make-up artist for any occasion. She does glamorous as well as scary :)




I love taking photos of bands.  I'm not amazing at it yet but I think I get it right when it comes to angles.  I've just updated the Bands page on the website if you want to have a look.  More to come.

If you're in a band or know people in a band, feel free to tell them about me.  I'm always up for going to a gig with my camera!



Another fun night had by all on Saturday at Indigos in Galashiels (even if you don't remember how you got home...)  I love the lighting in there.  

You'll soon be able to see all the other photos I took on Saturday night on Indigos facebook page.


Crew Wedding 28th Feb 2015

I attended my first wedding of the year today (28th Feb) and what a wedding it was.  I have lots of unusual weddings ahead of me this year which is very exciting! 

Kate and Ian were so relaxed and happy, everything just seemed to go like clockwork.  Kate walked down the aisle to Darth Vaders Tune and the cake was covered in lego Storm Troopers. Everyone danced into the very small hours and I'm sure had a top day.  I certainly did!  Now to edit the photos... 


Creepy and Cold

Tnight I went out and about with my friend Ailz and car full of high heels, wigs, an axe, my fire bucket some wings and various other 'just in case I need them' bits and bobs.  First tho I ruffed her up a bit.  Gave her a few bruises and cuts.  She was a brave soul lying in the middle of the road in tiny shorts and a vest top in the wind and freezing temperatures bless her.  



I have loads of wigs, long ones, short ones, spiky ones, curly ones, blonde, black, pink, purple green, red etc...  I once made a wig out of silver pot scourers.  

Yesterday I was in Tesco and saw a bag of little slinkys and thought Ooooh they'd make a good wig and here it is.  Just your average Monday night in my house...


Who Wants To Be In A Tattoo Book??

I've been trying for about a year now to find some lovely tattooed people to pose for me so I can put a book together or a calendar or both!  Weirdly in the Borders there aren't enough people that are up for it.  I don't know why... maybe I just don't know where they're hiding.  My tattoo/alternative album has a few people in it but not enough.

So my question is... Would you pose for me? or know someone that would?  If the answer is HELL YES!!  get in touch... gliciousfoto@gmail.com or 07747 622 082



I love playing with wirewool.  The trick is to use fine wirewool and not the harder stuff, take it from me, it rips your fingers up and you and your other gloveless friend bleed all over Asda looking for plasters...  

Next time I take my whisk out I'm going to try a sphere... might try a torch first tho for fear of setting myself on fire getting the movement right...