What or Who You Know....?

Sometimes or rather a lot of the time it comes down to who you know rather than what you know.  Although once you've practiced the who you know you get better at what you know and get where you want to be...  I'm babbling here.

Basically this is a shot of Tom Odell while he played the main stage at The Wickerman Festival.  I got given a press pass, free entry etc...  On my way to the Festival I had a think about how all this happened.  Now I don't want to go too far back but...

If I hadn't of been working in The Crown and got chatting with Kirstie from Chunk Fudge I wouldn't have gotten into the Edinburgh tattoo convention in exchange for photos and if I hadn't of gone there I wouldn't of made friends with Bob from the Black Bull and if I hadn't of made friends with Bob, I wouldn't have seen one of his friends was giving away a ticket to Faith No More last month and if I hadn't of seen that, I wouldn't have gone to Faith No More and if I hadn't of gone, I wouldn't have met Hugh and looked after his camera while he bought beer and if I hadn't of met him, I wouldn't have been given a press pass for The Wickerman.  So, thank you Hugh for the pass and thank you Kirstie for enjoying Gin.